Man’s Best Friend in the Best and the Worst of Times

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When you have a dog, you don’t have to worry about a lot of things, he’s your alarm clock, your home security system, and if you train him well enough, the one who fetches you slippers and newspaper. When it comes to pets, dogs are the go to option if you want something more than an animal to look at, while cat’s are adorable they often just do their own thing. Dog’s on the other hand having always been loyal since the beginning of man and dogs friendship, they have been with us since the time of great struggles and survival, until today’s easy going life.

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man-1279088_640When things go south and you are left homeless, most of the time your dog will stay with you, unless if you failed to raise it properly. They have evolved with man so closely together, that we bond with them to the level of being family, where we don’t leave each other behind. The thing is, nowadays a lot of people have forgotten the bond man and dog has with one another, thinking that as long as you feed an animal, they will be loyal to you. While that may be true for many other animals, dogs are different, while food does play a large part on how loyal it is to you, the most important thing for it is how you treated it while raising it. Much like a human child, if you raised them well in a loving way, they will never abandon you.

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We have made it clear that dogs would never abandon humans that treat them well, so now it is time for us to pay their kind back, by taking in those who have been abandoned. Visit your local pound and animal shelter today and adopt a dog, I promise you that if you love and take care of it, you will never regret the day you took it home with you.

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Labradors Are Way Too Playful

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labradorLast year I got a chocolate Labrador, but this was no ordinary Labrador, we named her Reese, because she a chocolate Labrador on the outside and nutty in the inside. Though Reese is a very playful and cheerful dog, her story is a sad one. We got Reese when she was already a year old, we learned that she was the dog of a loving old couple, she was taken care of well, one day though the old couple died. The relatives of the couple just left the dog in the property, they didn’t even bother leaving her any food, and it was only after a few days did the neighbors noticed that there was no one taking care of Reese.

The animal shelter took her in, the neighbors were unable to take care of her because their son had allergies, that is where we met her. Though she experienced something so terrible, we were told that she was very warm and playful when they rescued her, she was hungry but not aggressive, it was clear that she was loved as she never lost her trust in people even after experiencing abandonment. Her playfulness was the reason I took her home, as we needed a cheery member of the family. This website can be useful.


Too Playful 

Reese was able to settle in quickly and was immediately close to the family, unfortunately her playfulness proved to be a bit much sometimes. There was one time when I was already dressed for work and needed to get something out back, It rained the night before which made the back yard all muddy, when I opened the door she went out to play in the mud, and decided that I should have fun too and messed up my suit.

She also like playing with the cat, but the cat isn’t very fond of her way of playing, Though they usually get along we had to separate them permanently after the cat went wild around the house during one of Reese’s playful outburst.  We let them be in the same room together every now and then though.… Read the rest

The Worst Place to Keep Treats

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I don’t know if you have ever run into this before, but I have encountered several times dog owners who keep their dog food and treat the same place they keep their household chemicals. If you never saw this before, it might be shocking to know of this, and if you’re the type to do this, I urge you to stop immediately and may just throw out those treats and dog food, replace them.

The common household chemicals include Pesticides, which after spraying from the bottle leaves residue in the nozzle, and cap, which slowly evaporates and spread. If you would call a good Pest Control Company Columbus, Ohio, you could inquire how bad that vapor is, which is why they require people to wait for days when their house gets fumigated. If you keep your dog’s food near your chemicals, it might not be immediate, but your dog will get slowly sick and possibly die.

If you love your dog, keep everything, where you would normally keep your food, of course, put a properly defined division, but most of their food are relatively safe to store near dry goods, like in the pantry. Do you keep your pet’s food near chemicals? You could be slowly poisoning them.… Read the rest

Other Harmful Pests That Could Affect Your Dog

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Aside from the common flea, other pests could infest your lovable pet dog. These parasites could cause skin irritation, even death. You need to keep your dog in a safe and pest-free environment to ensure that they will not be infested by parasites.

The veterinarian could help you remove the pests living in your dog’s body and treat any side-effects done by the pests. However, remember you also need to sanitize your surroundings to remove parasite eggs and other stray that could still be around your space, just waiting for another chance to reattach to your dog. Carpet cleaning in Atlanta, GA is becoming more popular among citizens in Atlanta as it’s healthy to clean the carpets often.

Pest Control Portland has helped a lot of pet owners to remove harmful pests lurking in houses and establishments. They also use safe and environment-friendly methods to ensure that pets and kids are not put at risk, too.

Here are other pests that you need to eliminate to protect your dogs’ health and well-being.


Mites cause skin disease in dogs, called mange. There are two types of mange:

  1. Demodectic Mange – This is caused by Demodex mites. Symptoms include redness of the skin, hair loss, scaly skin, and lesions.
  1. Sarcoptic Mange – This is caused by Sarcoptes scabiei mite and highly communicable.  Symptoms is very similar to demodectic mange except for the crust formation around the skin.

Mange is non-life threatening but it could cause skin infection and poor appearance of your dog. Humans can also get infected if your dog has Sarcoptic mange. Bring your pets to the veterinarian for immediate and proper treatment. Visit website:


Ticks are usually found outdoors living on tall grasses, and waiting for a host to attach on. They thrive in warm climate. Same as fleas, ticks feed on the blood of your pets and are carriers of serious illness such as Lyme disease.

Lyme disease is caused by a bacterial specie called Borrelia burgdorferi that is carried by ticks, and then transferred to the dogs. Although symptoms only manifest to about 10% of dogs affected, the pet infected by this bacteria experiences joint inflammation resulting to infirmity.… Read the rest

How Your Dog Can Help You in Case You Have a Pest Problem

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I had been reading about dog training, and I suddenly stumbled upon this information about canine working in the pest control business. We have seen amazing dogs working with the police authorities to catch contraband such as bombs and narcotics. There are also dog heroes helping in search and rescue operations. Rain or shine, the dog’s sense of smell never fails to do the important task of making our communities safe. Now, we can add pest control to the long list of jobs our fur buddies can do.

Last time, I employed the help of Columbus Pest Control company to clear the termite build-up that was starting on my shed. They did a great job, and I feel that I do not need to worry about termites anymore. However, my field is quite vast, and I do not have the time to investigate every nook and cranny. So I decided to try to train one of my dogs to do pest control detection. One sniff in the air and my dog could find the pest before any human can.

The training is pretty much the same as training a dog in identifying scents such as narcotics. The only difference is familiarizing them with the scent of the particular pest that you want them to recognize. Before putting your dog to the humongous task of pest detection, train your dog with simple objects first. For more info go here.

For starters, here are the basic steps in training your dog for scent detection.

  1. Prepare a reward. Make sure you pick something that they love such as food or their favorite toy. Rewards are a great motivator for the dogs to keep doing the behavior you want them to perform.
  2. Pick a command word. Make sure you choose a word that will not confuse your dog with other commands that you are already using. For scent detection, you might want to use the word “Seek” or “Search.” Any word will do as long as it is distinct for the behavior you want your dog to perform.
  3. Pick the item for the dog to search.
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The Dog That Appeared On Our Porch

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doggyI was in middle school when this happened, my dad and I loved hanging out on the front porch every evening, we looked at the stars at night and talk while he drinks his beer and I drink whatever soda was in the fridge that night. One night while we were headed back inside we noticed something was on the rocking chair at the other side of the porch. We rarely sat on that chair so we knew that there shouldn’t be anything on there, when we turned on the lights, we saw a little dog, just lying there staring out in space.

The dog was small, and looked like it was just a few months old, it clearly needed a bath based on how it looked. When we approached it was rather defensive, growling a bit as we get to close, showing a distrust in people and may have been subject to some form of abuse. But my dad decided to slowly approach it with food and water, he slowly gained its trust. We let the little fella stay on the porch for the night and left it be, thinking that it would be on its way somewhere the next day. But the next morning the dog was still there, my father loved animals so he decided that we should keep the little guy. Information can be found at this site.

Earlier that year our two dogs, a terrier and Labrador, died because of old age, they have been our family dogs since I was in kindergarten,  and it was sad to see them go. I remember calling out the terrier for her lunch the day she died, I thought she was just sleeping but when I approached her she was gone. A few weeks later our old chocolate Labrador followed her to the next life.

Mom and dad’s relationship was a bit strained that year too, with the company going bankrupt and the finances not as strong as it used to be, a lot of negative energy was in the house that time.

The dog, who we decided to call Suzuki because he came the same day my dad sold his Suzuki Samurai he loved driving so much, became somewhat a nice little break for everyone in the house.… Read the rest