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Dog and pet friendly hotels and cottage resources

Our 2 year old taking the dog for a walk while on holiday

After running this site for over 13 years, it is with great sadness that I have decided to close it down. It has been a blast and I have met some wonderful people and their dogs while operating this site. At the peak of its success it was generating over £300K in bookings and lettings for the British hotel and cottage industry. I was proud of this achievement, especially for a side project which became a labour of love to maintain and update.

I would like to thank all the independent hotel and cottages owners that advertised on the directory. I will attempt to maintain a list of links to all the pet friendly hotels and cottages for as longs as they remain active. Please take a moment to review the list which is grouped by county.

As you’re here looking for resources to help you plan a perfect dog friendly holiday, I have outlined the best ones below. Many of these resources let you check availability and book online. You want somewhere that is not just dog tolerant, but truly dog friendly. There is a difference!

Dog friendly hotels / cottages I can personally recommend

These are places that I have stayed at with my family and our dog, Meg. I can recommend them as excellent places to visit with both dogs and kids.

Other places to find and book dog friendly hotels and cottages

If you plan to stay at a hotel or cottage, check in advance to make sure that your pet is welcome. Don’t simply ring them up and ask “Do you accept pets?” – Be very specific: “Do you accept Burmese Pythons?” – It’s better to be straight with the owners up front, than to find out later that Lester the lizard or Sally the snake is not welcome.