Man’s Best Friend in the Best and the Worst of Times

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When you have a dog, you don’t have to worry about a lot of things, he’s your alarm clock, your home security system, and if you train him well enough, the one who fetches you slippers and newspaper. When it comes to pets, dogs are the go to option if you want something more than an animal to look at, while cat’s are adorable they often just do their own thing. Dog’s on the other hand having always been loyal since the beginning of man and dogs friendship, they have been with us since the time of great struggles and survival, until today’s easy going life.

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man-1279088_640When things go south and you are left homeless, most of the time your dog will stay with you, unless if you failed to raise it properly. They have evolved with man so closely together, that we bond with them to the level of being family, where we don’t leave each other behind. The thing is, nowadays a lot of people have forgotten the bond man and dog has with one another, thinking that as long as you feed an animal, they will be loyal to you. While that may be true for many other animals, dogs are different, while food does play a large part on how loyal it is to you, the most important thing for it is how you treated it while raising it. Much like a human child, if you raised them well in a loving way, they will never abandon you.

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We have made it clear that dogs would never abandon humans that treat them well, so now it is time for us to pay their kind back, by taking in those who have been abandoned. Visit your local pound and animal shelter today and adopt a dog, I promise you that if you love and take care of it, you will never regret the day you took it home with you.


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