Labradors Are Way Too Playful

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labradorLast year I got a chocolate Labrador, but this was no ordinary Labrador, we named her Reese, because she a chocolate Labrador on the outside and nutty in the inside. Though Reese is a very playful and cheerful dog, her story is a sad one. We got Reese when she was already a year old, we learned that she was the dog of a loving old couple, she was taken care of well, one day though the old couple died. The relatives of the couple just left the dog in the property, they didn’t even bother leaving her any food, and it was only after a few days did the neighbors noticed that there was no one taking care of Reese.

The animal shelter took her in, the neighbors were unable to take care of her because their son had allergies, that is where we met her. Though she experienced something so terrible, we were told that she was very warm and playful when they rescued her, she was hungry but not aggressive, it was clear that she was loved as she never lost her trust in people even after experiencing abandonment. Her playfulness was the reason I took her home, as we needed a cheery member of the family. This website can be useful.


Too Playful 

Reese was able to settle in quickly and was immediately close to the family, unfortunately her playfulness proved to be a bit much sometimes. There was one time when I was already dressed for work and needed to get something out back, It rained the night before which made the back yard all muddy, when I opened the door she went out to play in the mud, and decided that I should have fun too and messed up my suit.

She also like playing with the cat, but the cat isn’t very fond of her way of playing, Though they usually get along we had to separate them permanently after the cat went wild around the house during one of Reese’s playful outburst.  We let them be in the same room together every now and then though.

Funny enough, even though Reese is a very playful dog, who seldom behaves, she makes sure not to break anything in the house, though we do get a little accident every now and then. The best way to control her hyperactivity is by giving her constant walks, whenever she gets a little restless we know it’s time for another walk. I’m fine with it, as I do need the exercise.


Before You Get a Labrador

Remember that they are a medium-large breed, it is important that you have a fairly large yard and a spacious home if you ever plan to get one, but if you still want one even without the space I recommend going to the park, every day if possible. It is important that you should also keep in good shape, because when they get out of their leash you will need to do a lot of running. You should always stock up on food and lots of it, since they eat a lot, and lastly, get a poop scoop, a really big poop scoop. When it comes to the playfulness and Hyperactivity, if you had a kid who was hyperactive multiply that by 10 and that’s what you have to prepare for, so good luck!

But like kids, if you raise them well, they will turn out well and loyal, and you will never regret getting one.


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