The Worst Place to Keep Treats

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I don’t know if you have ever run into this before, but I have encountered several times dog owners who keep their dog food and treat the same place they keep their household chemicals. If you never saw this before, it might be shocking to know of this, and if you’re the type to do this, I urge you to stop immediately and may just throw out those treats and dog food, replace them.

The common household chemicals include Pesticides, which after spraying from the bottle leaves residue in the nozzle, and cap, which slowly evaporates and spread. If you would call a good Pest Control Company Columbus, Ohio, you could inquire how bad that vapor is, which is why they require people to wait for days when their house gets fumigated. If you keep your dog’s food near your chemicals, it might not be immediate, but your dog will get slowly sick and possibly die.

If you love your dog, keep everything, where you would normally keep your food, of course, put a properly defined division, but most of their food are relatively safe to store near dry goods, like in the pantry. Do you keep your pet’s food near chemicals? You could be slowly poisoning them.

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